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The Monotype Recorder, (1968) featuring Stanley Morison


London; The Monotype Corporation Ltd, 1968

The Monotype Recorder, Volume 43, Number 3, Autumn 1968. Stanley Morison was unmatched in his contribution to the typographic arts and was widely recognised by his contemporaries. This issue celebrates the life and works of the man who never ceased to be curious about the aesthetic, technical, economic, social and political aspects of printing and typography.

How should a man of Morison's multitudinous activities be described for the benefit of future generations? His own modest preference, 'typographical consultant' (or even, on one occasion, 'writer of technical memoranda'), is utterly inappropriate for a man who was not only a typographical and liturgical scholar, teacher, designer, editor, author, printer and publisher but who was also responsible for making available an unrivalled range of typefaces, both classic and contemporary.

Softback, 28 x 21.5 cm, 32 pages, colour and b/w illustrations.

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