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Ultrabold No. 20

Image of Ultrabold No. 20

Ultrabold 20 is the first of two issues to mark the 125thanniversary of the Library, and in tribute to such a momentous milestone, it comes with four alternate covers, created by Rui Abreu, Luke Bird, Carol Kemp and Vaibhav Singh. The designs extend across issues 20 and 21, and join with their partner to form a single image.

In the latest issue librarian Sophie Hawkey-Edwards reflects on the unique magic of the Library and what it means to her and the people who use it; Ursula Jeffries takes us back to the 1890s and how the whole thing got started; James Mosley examines the photographs Emery Walker took to help William Morris design his types for the Kelmscott Press; Elizabeth Fraser uses a personal health crisis to find creative inspiration; ‘Do it like you do it,’ says Agyei Archer – and does; while Bob Richardson looks at the Model press, the Gujarati Type Foundry, and a Beatrice Warde commission for the Curwen Press, yet more fascinating items from the collection.